Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Close to home

Ray Woods told me that he had seen Common Rest-harrow near Hay Old Castle earlier in the year but I waited for its flowering time to go and see (well that's my excuse). (All of a 300 metre walk!)

Common Restharrow, Tagaradr or Ononis repens

It's even visible from the path down from the road to the old railway / tram paths but the prettier flowers shown are higher up the bank.

The BSBI Map for it's distribution shows a marked reluctance for the species to cross into Brecknock (although there are some older records) but I note it has been seen more recently in Radnorshire - we must keep our eyes out for it.

There was also one plant of:
Burnet-saxifrage, Gwreiddiriog or Pimpinella saxifraga

and plenty more to record of grassland plants.

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